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Palm Pal UR3 Pussy
Pleasure in the palm of your hand! Designed to fit easily in your hand. Made from realistic UR3 Material. Satisfy yourself when you want! Formed from the legendary UR3 Rubber that feels almost identical to real thing. Super tight and super stretchy with heavily ribbed tunnels for extra sensation, these babies fit right in the palm of your hand for the best hand job you will ever have. Stretches to fit any size.
Price: $23.99
TLC Cat In A Can Pussy Stroker
Tight, Virtual Touch texture of CyberSkin pussy in a can. Just pop the top, remove stroker, and enjoy.

Measures: 5 inches long and 2 inches wide.
Price: $21.99
Sue Johanson Head Honcho
This silicone jelly masturbator is endorsed by Sue Johanson. Its tight stretchy feel and 3 suction cavities is perfect for some first rate cock stimulation.

Measurement: 5 inches in length.
Price: $25.99
Glow Stroker Sweet Pussy
Enjoy yourself tonight with the Glow Stroker Sweet Pussy masturbator. When the lights go off, its green strip will start to glow as you take care of business. This masturbator is super soft, stretchy and has a textured stroker channel for amazing stimulation.
Price: $24.99
Oro Stimulator
This product is similar to the Vibrating Oro Stimulator. It has a shorter, slippery latex sleeve with an attached hand pump. The hand pump helps re-create the sucking sensation of oral sex. It does not have the vibrating insert, but still feels great. Just put a few drops of lube (included) and start gliding. Made of rubber tube with a latex extendable sleeve for fit and comfort.
Price: $24.99
TLC Saturday Night Special CyberSkin Pussy 'n' Ass Cock Stroker
Get lucky every Saturday night with this CyberSkin stroker! Its Virtual Touch texture of genuine CyberSkin will have you thinking it is the real thing! Includes two pretty pink love tunnels, pussy and ass. Because of its compact design, it can be discreetly put away or packed when going on the road. Its open-ended tunnel makes it ideal for deep thrusting and allows for quick and easy cleaning.
Price: $31.99
Adam and Eve 2-Tone Pussy Masturbator
Make lonely nights more enjoyable with this translucent, travel-size pussy stroker. With inner tubes and tight shaft, it will give off realistic vaginal sensations as you plow through it. For easy cleaning, the tube is open-ended.
Price: $23.99
A.T.M. (Ass to Mouth) Masturbator
Slip inside your fantasy girl and enjoy the thrill of ATM! This super-soft masturbator clings to your pleasure rod like a real lover would, soft, warm and super tight. Fuck her first in her puckered ass and then stick it in her mouth and enjoy a super wet blowjob! Use plenty of legend Sex Lube for an extra wild, friction-free experience. This babe never says no to ATM!
Approx. 5.5" in length and 2" wide.
Price: $27.99
Doggie Style Debbie
Let Debbie be your compact fuck toy! Spank Debbie's tight little ass before you fuck her. She is on her knees just for you. Give it to her from behind "Doggie Style",just the way she likes it. The ultimate fuck toy has a tight deep pussy with a ribbed tunnel, and is made of soft ultra realistic UR3 material.
Price: $59.99
Deep Throat Stroker
This soft and stretchy masturbator feels just like the real thing! Insert your penis through the smooth pink lips and enjoy the deep-throat sensations of the textured love tunnel. The ergonomic curve makes it easy to simulate real-life action that will bring you to new levels of amazing climaxes! Cleanup is easy thanks to the open-ended design.
Measurements: Approx. 5" in length and 2" wide.
Price: $24.99
Adam and Eve Big Rack Stroker
Experience out of this world pleasures. There's nothing sexier than slipping between a pair of full, generous breasts, and letting their softness build up your desire as they gently stroke you. Then down to the tight ecstasy of vaginal penetration. Now you can have both of these sensations in one totally satisfying stroker! Lose yourself in the smooth , supple, and plump breasts you can caress. Life-like entry with pleasure bumps for added sensations.
Price: $89.99