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Edible Panties
Ths entire ladies panty is edible including the tie on strings! Grab your lover and entice them with this tasty and sexy midnight snack!
Price: $5.99
Edible Undies
Ths entire men's brief is edible including the tie on strings! Grab your lover and entice them with this tasty and sexy midnight snack!
Price: $5.99
Sizzle Candy Condoms - SORRY, OUT OF STOCK
Hooray for naughty novelties! Lickum & Stickum! These edible condoms are fun and tasty. Enhance the romance! Each box contains 3 edible condoms in flavors Strawberry, Chocolate and Pina Colada.
Price: $6.99
Lover's Candy Bra
Pink candy bra with a red heart-shaped design on each cup.
Price: $9.99
Lover's Candy G-string
Pink candy g-string with a red heart-shaped design.
Price: $9.99
Candy Cock Ring
What a perfect way to give the gift of lingerie and candy to your sweetheart all in one. Our Candy Cock Ring is a fun way to celebrate a special occasion with your significant other. Think of the possibilities!!!
Price: $6.99
Touch of honey - vanilla
This lightweight edible body dust is perfect for sensory exploration! Apply teasingly with the maribou feather then taste, kiss and lick off partner. Made with real honey and pure edible ingredients.
Price: $11.99
Kama Sutra Honey dust
Surprise every kiss with nature's sweetest gift: natural honey. Dust this incredibly fine powder onto a lover, leaving a silky-soft glow, a delicate fragrance and an irresistable lure. Each beautifully decorated tin includes a powder-filled satin pouch and a handmade feather applicator to tickle more than the imagination. Honey dust may also be used as a daily body powder or a delicate addition to bed sheets. 100% edible.
Price: $29.99
Nipple Nibblers
Cool and creamy, Nipple Nibblers will stimulate more than just your taste buds. Indulge in the smooth, silky richness on your lips or nipples, but be careful .... Nipple Nibblers can be too potent for other areas of the body.Watch your lover smile as you both enjoy this tingly, tasty treat! Comes in two oz. jar.
Price: $9.99
Play Pens - 4 pk
Edible body paints in four delicious flavors: Green apple, blue raspberry, cherry and strawberry. Passionate paints that bring new excitement into your love live! No mess, just squeeze and brush. 2.5 oz total
Price: $16.99
Lovin' Body Paints
A collection of edible body paints for those who understand the art of arousal. Includes body paint in four fabulous flavors: cherry, blueberry, lemon and lime. They can be applied with the artist's brush that is included in the kit, or with loving fingers.
Price: $19.99
Good Head oral delight gel - 4oz
For Centuries, in brothels around the world, the secret to pure pleasure has been well kept. Now specially Formulated Good Head Gives you that extra boost for Blow Jobs of Historical proportions! This flavored gel makes giving oral favors a pleasurable experience. The gel desensitizes your gag reflex to allow you to give good head.
Price: $14.99
Good Head One Shot - 5 flavors
Not sure what flavor? Try 5 in this in this mini 5 pack of good head oral delight gel. Head out with 1 oz each of mint, cinnamon, cherry, strawberry, and passion fruit
Price: $19.99
Go Deep Oral Sex Mints
Made to help take more, these are throat numbing oral sex mints with Benzocaine. Delicious mint taste that tingles down there as well. Now you'll have no problem taking all they have to offer! 20 mints per tin

Price: $6.99
Sweeten 69 2 capsule pouch
Sweeten69 is an all-new herbal supplement that enhances the pleasures of oral sex! Sweeten69 is a supplement for both men and women that naturally sweetens the flavor of your secretions! Made with natural fruit, it works with your bodies natural PH levels to neutralize any bitter taste or smells in your secretions. 2 servings
Price: $4.49