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Bachelorette Pecker Party Crown
Let everyone know the bachelorette has entered the building with this beautiful Pecker Party Crown! This fancy feathered tiara will make any bachelorette Queen for the Night - and the center of attention! It's guaranteed to make them laugh!
Price: $10.99
Erotic Penis Cake Pan
The Erotic Penis Cake Pan makes a humorous gag gift for a bachelorette party, or perhaps a friend with a good sense of humor. It is perfect for gelatin, cookies, or cakes. Non-tarnishing and dishwasher safe.

Measurements: The pan is 11.25" in length and 7.5" at its widest point.
Material: Steel
Price: $14.99
Pecker Cupcake Pan
Want to make some mouth watering Pecker Cupcakes? We've got the pan for you. This Pecker Cupcake pan makes 6 pecker cupcakes creating perfectly shaped peckers that is guaranteed to satisfy. Add a little frosting and decorative tasty treats and see how fast you'll want to wrap your mouth around these peckers.
Price: $14.99
Truth or Dare
The classic game of truth or dare with a twist! Just roll the die to see your fate.

Game Includes:
•1 deck of truth or dare cards.
•12 pass along cards.
•Game Instructions.
•1 die.
Price: $14.99
Pin the Macho on the Man
Remember Pin the Tail on the Donkey? Now you can Pin the Macho on the MAN! Perfect for your next bachelorette party, birthday party, office party or shower. See if you and your friends know where the macho is on a man!

Contents include:
•24x36 color poster of the Macho Man.
•15 hilarious cartoon units with separate poems that will apply to every type of guest at the party
•10 generic units (in case you want to use your own imagination).
Price: $11.99
Dicky Sipping Straws
At your next party, have your guests wrap their lips around these festive straws in assorted colors. Each straw has a dicky mouth piece that looks so inviting, your guests will be looking for their own dicky straw.
Price: $8.99
Penis Ice Tray
Make your drink a little more quenching with a pecker ice cubes in your glass. These big penis ice cubes come in a tray of 4 and keep your mouth on your glass. Great for making hilarious jello shooters!
Price: $6.99
Perfect Hostess Kit
Here is a great Bachelorette Party in a box. Includes: Party Pack for 8 people. 8 Buttons, 8 plates, 8 balloons, 8 invitations, 8 cups, & shot glasses, 8 napkins 1 memo pad, 8 coasters, 8 loot bags, 1 penis shaped chip bowl, 1 table cloth and lots more...
Price: $19.99
Unveiled - bachelorette game
There are 2,400,000 women getting married every year... And each of them wants an unforgettable bachelorette party. UNVEILED - the game IS the party. It can be used to organize any type of bachelorette party whether you head out for a night on the town or have a girls night in. Lose your inhibitions and celebrate the Bride-to-be! Game includes:* 1 Game Board * 110 Activity Cards * Questions for the Fiancee Custom Playing Shoes * 1 Playing Die *Easy Instructions and a Great Guide explaining exactly how to host the Best Bachelorette Bash for the Bride-to-be!
Price: $24.99
Penis Water Gun
Have some clean, wet fun with this penis water gun!
Price: $11.99
Beatin Barack
Because Real Heads of State Masturbate! This wind-up Commander in Chief masturbates like no other, wind him up and watch him go!

Watch him stimulate his own package!

Just what we need, another jerk-off in the White House!

He beat the odds, now watch him beat his meat!
Price: $8.99